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Choose the best baby led weaning
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best baby led weaning cups

Introduced Baby Led Weaning Cups especially for you

A cup must be included in your baby led weaning cups are processed around the time when solid meals are introduced.

When your baby is six months old, he or she may begin to learn the action of drinking. Even if he or she doesn’t drink much other than milk.

Baby led weaning cups

So, when you’re ready to give BLW a chance with food, don’t forget to give it a shot with drinks, to baby led weaning cups.

You should know what to feed your baby
in their baby weaning cups

Babies under the age of six months are still primarily concerned with breast milk or formula. Pour some of the milk into your favorite baby-led weaning cup and see what happens.

Baby led weaning cups

Besides milk, newborns may consume a little amount of water in addition to the milk they consume. Water may help to keep a baby’s system in balance, but don’t go overboard!

After a few months, most physicians suggest beginning with 1-2 ounces each day and gradually rising to an additional ounce or two.

You may give your newborn a tiny quantity of juice, but most doctors would recommend that you avoid doing so if at all possible. Stay away from added sugar and choose instead for fresh fruits and veggies.

If you have any queries about the amounts of any liquids or the safety of any liquids, you should contact your baby’s doctor. You should know this how to baby led weaning process.

Which Baby Led Weaning Cups Are Best for Your junior?

If you’re looking for a baby weaning cup, there are a few things to keep in mind.

BLW is all about development and advancement, so keep that in mind while starting out. Reconsider your preconceived notions about what neonates are capable of baby led weaning cups.

The use of traditional soft sippy cups as a next step after a bottle, as opposed to sippy cups with a stiffer spout or one that is located close to the lid’s edge, may be less beneficial for BLW.

Baby led weaning cups

You may also want to consider alternatives to sippy cups that will assist them in learning while also encouraging them to graduate to the large kid cup as soon as possible Baby Led Weaning Cup.

Best baby led weaning cups review for you

1. The best of-miracle 360 degree-trainer-cup

munchkin miracle 360 degree trainer cup

In addition, here is the version that has a handle connected to it. This infant training cup has the same 360-degree technology as the handleless version, while yet enabling your child to drink from any posture without spilling anything.

ThereforeOver the course of nine months. I’ve experimented with a variety of glasses and sippy cups to encourage my infant to drink more water. Although we’ve experimented with an unlimited number of cups. 

We’ve had incredible success with this it’s excellent! He was out of there as soon as he figured out how to utilize the device. Using just one mouthful of water, he gulped his whole daily allotment. The design of this cup is just beautiful for Baby-led weaning cups.


  • These cups are excellent for babies around 10m+.
  • Easy for child to grip
  • Easy to drink from, once they realise the technique
  • Easy to clean


  • A little deep/long

2. The best of Litecup Sippy Cup for your baby

Litecup Sippy Cup baby led weaning cup

When you wish to keep some water in your child’s room throughout the night. This dual-purpose cup is a great option since it removes the need for an extra night light that is linked to the wall outlets. It is not acceptable for everyone to use a night light, even if it is not very bright. 

Some children may object to using a night light, even if it is not very bright. There are a variety of vivid colors to choose from, and it operates on batteries, as you would imagine. Furthermore, it is devoid of bisphenol A (BPA).

Review: These cups are just out of this world! However, even though my two children have outgrown their sippy cups, they still demand liquids in their rooms at night. Due to the lights, they can easily locate the drinks and do not have to worry about spilling anything. 

Another advantage is that they are energy-efficient, thanks to the fact that they are light-sensitive and turn off at different periods during the day. I will most surely be purchasing them in the future.


  • The lid section screws into place.
  • If you need a NON SPILL cup, it is worth a try


  • Leaks with warm drinks but perfect for cold.

3. The best of MAM Trainer Bottle

Best MAM Trainer Bottle led weaning cup

This sippy cup was a favorite among our parent testers because of its appealing design, easy-grip handles, and spill-proof teat. In particular, the measuring lines that run down one side of the cup are notable. Because they make it possible to keep track of your baby’s fluid consumption throughout the day. 

In addition to the small handles that are excellent for little hands, the smooth silicone spout makes the transition from breast to bottle a breeze. This is a great transitional cup to have in your collection.

This bottle, which enables newborns to drink for themselves, is incredibly dependable and easy to use. According to my observations, the liquid remains securely contained inside and no catastrophes have happened. It’s also simple to clean and simple to handle, making it ideal for small children.

The design is pretty engaging; it is much more interesting than a plain sippy cup in terms of functionality. The side of the bottle has ounces written on it so that you can keep track of how much liquid your baby is ingesting. This is also useful for keeping track of diaper changes, which is quite convenient.


  • Baby Cup Suitable from 4+ Months
  • Extra soft spout with a SkinSoft silicone surface
  • Handles are well designed for baby to learn to hold on a bottle themself
  • Easy to clean


  • Not a very high quality.

4. The best of OXO Tot Soft Spout Sippy Cup

OXO Tot Soft Spout Sippy Cup

Baby Led Weaning Cup Although the cup’s handles are removable, making it is easy to clean. Our panel of testers found it difficult to clean the area below the spout. Which was one of the cup’s defining characteristics. The spout is made of soft silicone and comes with a cap to prevent it from leaking when it is stored in a plastic bag.

OXO Tot Soft Spout Sippy Cup

When it comes to drinking on the move, this is a terrific little cup; it’s one-of-a-kind, a fair size, and hygienic. Putting together and removing the cup for cleaning are both fairly straightforward tasks. A number of sizes have been available for my three children, and this particular size is one of my faves for toddlers.


  • Has a unique, almond-formed spout that opens without difficulty as quickly as the baby’s lips contact it
  • Mainly designed to make it a clean transition from bottles or breastfeeding.
  • The strong cap covers the silicone spout to hold it easily in diaper bags


  • Space is a little less

5. The best of Munchkin Click Lock Tip Cup

Munchkin Click Lock Tip Cup

If you want your youngster to experiment with drinking via a straw, this cup is an excellent place to start. In order to guarantee that the straw remains in the liquid even when it is tilted to one side, the straw is weighted. The click-top lid closes tightly, making it great for travel. 

And the flip-top straw hat is simple to take off and put on once you are there. It also includes a cleaning brush that is about the size of a drinking straw.

ThereforeFor both me and my 7-month-old child, this product was a big success. It is completely non-spill and seems to be fairly durable. Baby Led Weaning Cup In addition to being convenient, the weighted straw guarantees that children can always drink from their cup, regardless of how they hold it.


  • Cup has click lock with silicone seal
  • 100% leak proof
  • Easy to open and close
  • Cups with straw


  •  Little difficult to clean the straw tube

6. The best of Nuby Sippy Cup 360° Maxi Cup

Nuby Sippy Cup 360° Maxi led weaning Cup

The spill-proof seal on the Nuby 360 Maxi Cup is a great piece of engineering. Due to the fact that it can be dismantled and each component cleaned independently. Before being reunited with the other components, the cup is easy to clean. This is an excellent alternative for weaning.

Since we decided to use a baby-led weaning method, and I didn’t want him to spill all of his water from a traditional cup. This leak-proof 360 cup was the perfect solution.

 When he sips water on his own, there is no longer any mess. So I can hand him the cup without worrying about it spilling on the floor below. It’s also quite easy to dismantle and clean in pieces; it just takes a few minutes to complete the task.


  • A smart spill evidence seal that is ultra-hygienic and dentist-approved.
  • Come with a watertight coverlid so that you can simply throw it on your bag and go
  • Makes the transition to open cup ingesting less complicated with its 360° strain touchy technology


  • The rubber fur is a little soft, which can break if the baby bites hard

7. The best of Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup for your kids

Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup for your kids

No matter where you are, whether you’re at work or at home. The unique two-piece non-spill valve keeps unwanted spills and clutter at bay. Furthermore, the broad handles are particularly easy for little hands to grip. Especially one-handed, making them an excellent choice for children. 

Baby Led Weaning Cup To encourage your kid to hold the cup and drink freely, you can simply remove the handles and non-spill valve as their drinking abilities improve. This may be good for their oral development as they become more adept at tipping and sipping.

Even while your baby is teething, the smooth and soothing spout of this cup is kind to his or her gums. When placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher, almost all of the cups are safe to use. Additionally, most of the cups may be steam-sterilized, which will make your life a little easier. It is possible to choose the color scheme and pattern from a number of possibilities.

I was able to get just what I was looking for to teach my 6-month-old how to drink from anything other than a bottle. Because it’s spill-proof, which is a bonus because of the beaker. I gave him four months ago wasn’t, and he loves to hold it over the side of his tray when I’m not looking and pour the water on the floor, this one is perfect.


  • The super-smooth spout is mild to your baby’s gums whilst teething
  • Removable, easy-grip handles designed for tiny hands
  • Removable, two-piece non-spill valve continues mess to a minimum


  • A little difficult for little baby’s to realize the technique

8. The best of Bickiepegs Doidy Cup


Bickiepegs Doidy Cup

Its two-handed design features a unique tilt that enables. Toddlers to learn to drink using the same mouth action as nursing while still seeing the liquid within. Making the transition from nursing to open cups as simple as possible for your child.

However, although some testers said that the design resulted in liquids being spilled. They all agreed that with practice, their child was able to successfully sip from the Doidy cup.

Baby led weaning cups

I really like the concept. When it comes to drinking from the cup, my six-month-old child is satisfied to rely on my assistance. She wasn’t quite able to hold it for long. But I can tell she likes it better than a bottle of water at this point in time. Many other reviews noted that infants were unable to utilize the cup at this time. 

I agree that my baby makes a huge mess when drinking from the cup, with the majority. Of the liquid spilling out into the floor and her clothing, I believe she will get better with time.


  • 100% food-secure materials & dishwasher and steamer friendly.
  • The two-treated Doidy Cup capabilities a completely unique slant permitting toddlers to peer the liquid and keep away from spills.


  • A little large for smaller babies

FAQs about best baby led weaning cups

How to Teach a Child To Drink from a Breastfeeding Cup?

I found it helpful to keep a towel near or under my baby’s mouth to prevent it from getting wet while he was learning to drink from an open cup.

  • At first, you can choose to work with open cup skills in the back or not mix with food to help. Prevent the baby from getting wet or confused during meals.
  • Start by showing your child what you want him or her to do for you. Using the same cup as your baby can be very helpful or a baby led weaning cups that looks the same. Exaggerate by drinking “Ahh!” after swallowing.
  • Start with a small cup (as I said above, I like a small EZPZ cup) and a small amount of fluid (water, breast milk or formula.) If you use a small cup of EZPZ you can easily start with 0.5-1 oz of fluids and the baby will still be able to drink easily due to the small volume of the cup.
  • Hold the cup lightly to your baby’s mouth. Let your child exercise while holding a cup. It will probably take several attempts as they learn the proper swallowing pattern.

Once the baby is older (about 10-11 months, give it or take it) he or she will usually be able to drink on their own. Some very independent kids may not let you hold a cup where you can continue to discipline them as they try to drink on their own. They will probably collapse and okay – they will learn!

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