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how to fold a stroller?

how to fold a stroller

What you shouldn’t know is how to fold a stroller? A stroller is one of those essential items for any parent. However, no matter how convenient they are for carrying. Your adorable infant about, they are inconvenient when it comes to folding. While some best baby strollers are substantially easier to fold than others. Each stroller type has its own set of difficulties.

Well, parents, I believe we already have enough on our plates. Our timetables are packed with everything from sleep routines to healthy eating. Toilet training to bathing, and fun. How much time do you have to learn how to fold a stroller?

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble folding your stroller. New and inexperienced parents alike have struggled. With stroller folding at some point, I’m here to assist.

Use of the brakes fold a stroller

If your model has them, activate the brakes. And lock any swivel wheels in place before folding.

Brake levers and processes are often found on the back wheels.

how to fold a stroller

Swivel wheels are normally found at the front of the baby stroller. And are usually locked in place by a lever. Some strollers, however, feature a push switch on the side or are control by the handle-bar.

Trying to wrap a slide that has no brakes or locks can be a challenge, if not impossible. This is for security purposes. So, while it may be an additional hassle before you wrap your controls, it is important that you succeed.

Check your controller. Does the Doe sit come with brakes that can be locked using a lever? The lock method is available on the rear wheels most of the time. Double check and lock.

Some baby stroller models also come with front-wheel drive wheels that must be locked before folding. Usually, the locking mechanism is located on the handlebars instead of the wheel itself.

Remove of the accessories

Before you begin folding the baby stroller. Make sure all of the attachments are removed. Sunshades, food trays, and cup holders are all common accessories.

Consider a piece to be an accessory. If it isn’t necessary for the best baby stroller and carry away it before folding.

Many carts come with many features to make your job easier. That’s fine and dandy, and we appreciate that – aren’t we, parents? However, these helpful-dandy accessories will need to mean that sayonara come wrap-up time.

Apps will need to be removed before you can try to wrap your slide. Why? Basically, they get in the way. Remove food trays, parent cups, and anything else that can be easily removed.

While you are in it, do not forget to remove any loose items from the bottom basket. I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally (or almost broke!) Something by leaving it in the basket while I was wrapping it. Remember – even a simple frame is very long. So it can easily crush important hidden objects.

Locking mechanism

The compression force of the framework should indeed be released. Through a catch, lever, push button, or handle. It might alternatively be a mix of a handle-mounted push button and a side-mounted lever.

Consult the user manual whether you’re unsure. Any attempt to push a system might cause harm to its operating parts.

The folding actions

Usually, strollers fold in the center by pulling. The handlebars toward the front of the stroller. As a result, the handles are positioned above the front wheels.

These included a latch that closes the best baby stroller.

Fold and click

All carts come with locking mechanisms that allow the user to fold. The machine may be in the form of a handle or lever, and more recently, a push button. Sometimes, the frame lock method is a combination of a push button and a lever elsewhere on the slide. In some cases, there is a dual-release release mechanism.

how to fold a stroller

Yes, carts are complex – which is why you need to double check the user manual before attempting to wrap.

No matter what style your locker has, it is very easy to fold right now. Insert the lock and push the handles forward on the seat. The controller should fall off easily. Whether you have a double running stroller or something with a small baby stroller frame.

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Fold BOB Strollers

Some parents may be shocked when they try to wrap a BOB stroller around them. These double running baby strollers are no joke! But do not worry – although they are difficult and ready to climb mountains, they are not yet very difficult to wrap. (However, it is not the same folding method found on other vehicles. Such as the simple Graco Fast Action System in other Graco Stroller models. BOB folding methods are very challenging).

Release and press the handle using the button located on each side of the handle.

  • Lock the brakes.
  • Press the levers found under the handle.
  • Hold the red handle and pull.
  • Connect the two red cords that extend outwards.
  • Keep your slide wrapped until you are ready for the next trip.


Wrapping a slide is not exactly fun, but the brands are becoming more and more intelligent. And make it easier for us parents (for example, see Baby Trend and Graco baby Stroller options). No matter what type you carry, the best thing you can do is check the correct wrap in the manual. Most of the time, you will need to apply the brakes, remove the canopy. And remove the accessories, including the car seat, to wrap.

I hope this guide has helped you. And I have put down your threatening worries. Happy parent!

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